“RBI Solar has been partnering with Altus for more than two years. Altus is a professional and creative team who leave no stone unturned in figuring out the most efficient and competitive solutions for their solar projects. As a solar racking supplier, we appreciate the synergies that Altus offers at all levels, particularly their ability to evaluate the most suitable solar racking solution for their projects.”

Pat Hudepohl

Sales Manager RBI Solar – Cincinnati, OH


“As a subcontractor working closely with their people on a daily basis we have found a great match. Whether it be managerial, financial, or operational, they have a phenomenal team. Their purpose is to get the right job done in the right way for the right price and they know how to accomplish that. As an electrical contractor doing business for more than 20 years, we have found Altus Power America among the best. Their contracts are clear and their promises are kept. We are paid on time and in this industry that is extremely rare.”


Edens Logo

“We have been working with Altus Power since 2010 and they have been a great partner in helping us save money on power while lowering the carbon footprint of our retail centers. They are professional, responsive, creative and always trying to help. We look forward to continuing to work with Altus into the future.”

Gregg Edelstein, CPM, LEED GA

Managing Director, Property Management
EDENS — Boston, MA

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“I am pleased to give Altus the very highest recommendation. It’s my experience that all projects have unexpected technical and programmatic glitches. With this project, these issues were effectively mitigated by Altus in a professional and responsive manner. Altus demonstrated a genuine concern for minimizing the impact on our business during the permitting, design, construction, and commissioning phases, and for this reason I would give Altus a grade of A+.”