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Environment, Social and Governance

Empower Change,
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Commitment to Sustainability

Altus  Power  was  founded  to  address  the  urgent  need  to transform  the  way  we  generate  and  consume  power.  Our mission  –  to  create  a  clean electrification  ecosystem  that  can provide  renewable  energy  to  every  business,  home  and electric  vehicle  –  is  intrinsically  linked  to  clean, renewable power as the foundation for a sustainable future.

We believe  that leadership  in environmental, social  and governance  (ESG) practices is central  to accomplishing our mission, so we continue to take  steps  to  address  the environmental  and  social  risks  of  our  operations  and products. To  this  end,  we  have  established  a  Corporate  Social Responsibility Committee that is dedicated to implementing and improving upon already existing sustainability practices throughout our company.

Our team is passionate about empowering communities and businesses to accelerate the global energy transition while also doing everything we can to foster a diverse, inclusive, and innovative corporate culture at Altus Power. Our sustainability efforts will be organized into the three ESG pillars: Environment, Social, and Governance. We plan to report how we oversee and manage ESG factors in an annual sustainability report. In this report we plan to follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.

All of our actions and each of our ESG pillars are underpinned by the goal of driving the clean energy transition of our customers across the United States.



Our  Environment  Pillar  will  focus  on  providing  clean, affordable  energy  to  our  customers;  maintaining  a robust  environmental  management program that ensures we protect the environment in the communities where we operate and build; and helping to make our energy infrastructure more resilient and sustainable.



Our Social Pillar will focus on attracting and retaining a team of talented individuals, while offering opportunities for growth and development; building  a  diverse  and  inclusive  work  force;  and  ensuring  a  safety-first  workplace  for  our  employees  through  proper  training,  policies  and protocols.



Our  Governance  Pillar  will focus on  ensuring Board  oversight  and  committee  ownership of  our  enterprise  risk management  and sustaining  a commitment to ethical business conduct, transparency, honesty, and integrity. We strive to support ethically-sourced products and materials and encourage the partners in our supply-chain to abide by our Supplier Code of Conduct.

For questions or more information about our commitment to sustainability, please reach out to:


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Preventing the CO2 emissions from
Pounds of coal burned **
Preventing the CO2 emissions from
Barrels of oil consumed **
Solar Power Generated
metric tons
of Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) avoided
driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle

We  work  to  provide  clean,  affordable  energy  to  our customers.  We  maintain  a  robust environmental  management program  that  ensures  we  protect  the  environment  in  the communities  where  we  operate  and  build.  The  power  that  we produce  also  helps  to  make  our energy  infrastructure  more resilient  and  sustainable.  We  believe  in  the  synergy  between our business  and  our  customers,  together  we  unlock  a  win-win situation  of  expanded  renewable energy along with energy cost savings.


Our end-to-end solution reduces the high initial cost of adding a solar system to your building or business. We manage the project from start to finish and our interests in providing the most reliable product align with yours.

Community Solar

Community solar expands access to solar energy. Great option when there are physical or financial limitations to rooftop installation. Community Solar allows customers to purchase their electricity from a nearby solar project and receive an energy discount!

Environmental Justice

As part of our community solar projects, we are dedicated to expanding access to renewable energy to low- and moderate-income customers. We are working to provide community solar access to thousands of LMI customers in several states.


We look for passionate and motivated individuals to foster an exciting and innovative company culture. We care about our employees and offer opportunities for growth and development.

We have been rapidly growing and have been thoughtful in building a diverse and inclusive workforce. At the office we encourage a collaborative workspace where everyone contributes and plays a vital role to the success of the business.

We place trust and responsibility in our employees, and they are constantly exceeding expectations.

Overall Workforce
Executive Officers
Board of Directors


At  Altus,  we  make  it  a  priority  to  adhere  to  the  highest  standards  of  corporate governance  and  stewardship.  This dedication to  excellence  and  good  corporate governance is demonstrated in the following guidelines: Altus Committee Charter, Compensation  Committee  Charter,  Nominating  and  Corporate  Governance Committee  Charter,  Corporate  Governance Guidelines,  and  our  Code  of  Business Conduct and Ethics. We strive to support ethically-sourced products and materials and encourage  the  partners  in  our  supply-chain  to  abide  by  our  Supplier  Code  of Conduct. Our  dedicated  Board  of  Directors have  a  diversity  of  age,  gender  and  experience providing our Board with a mix of perspectives and skills. We continuously evaluate these  practices,  controls  and  policies  to  promote  a  culture  of  transparency  and ethical behavior, fostering the long-term success of the company.

At Altus Power we are committed to supporting all the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As it relates to the core of our business, we know we can make the biggest impact towards Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.