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Commercial, Industrial & Public Entities

Savings, income and then some.

The public and private sectors value renewable energy. So, we develop, own, and generate power at scale, providing reliable energy to customers from coast-to-coast to help them with their decarbonization goals.  We offer solutions for corporate entities, schools, hospitals, nonprofits, and municipals.

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Energy Cost Reduction

Offset your commercial energy usage with on-site solar facilities for no upfront investment. We will handle re-roofing, upfront investment costs, and any ongoing maintenance required, while you get savings on your current utility bills and access to clean energy.  Owners have additional benefits if they qualify.

Battery Storage Solutions

Couple your on-site solar facilities with Energy Storage Systems to reduce monthly demand charges and gain full monetization of any unused power.

Electric Vehicle Charging

We offer the tools to equip your property with clean, renewable energy, and you gain the opportunity to benefit from being a power provider to EV's. Altus manages the install, upfront costs, and maintenance of the EV charging stations, equipping your building for the future of transportation.

Projects Developed

Nationwide Solutions

Whether it is Commercial and Industrial warehouses, brownfield developments, rooftops, carports, or available land, we can utilize the space for solar development and provide clean energy to the local community.

Bristol, CT

Annual Production:
760,482 kWh

Leominster, MA

Annual Production:
4,812,018 kWh

Hamilton Township, NJ

Annual Production:
793,000 kWh

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