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Community Solar

Communities here, there and everywhere benefit from clean, reliable solar power.  It cuts costs and saves both money and our planet. Tap into savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar provides homeowners and renters alike access to clean energy and power bill savings without requiring roof space or home-installation of solar panels. Instead, those interested in clean energy can subscribe to larger solar projects built on commercial and industrial warehouse roofs, unused land, carports or public property.

How does Community Solar work?

Subscribers still receive electricity from their utility, so there are no changes to service, and the energy generated by the Community Solar facilities will be sent directly into the local power grid, thus increasing the total amount of clean energy available to the area.

Why choose Community Solar?

By subscribing to an Altus Community Solar Farm, you will receive a credit on your electricity bills equal to the energy generated by your portion of the solar array. Your monthly bill will be reduced by the amount of clean energy you are subscribed to each month. And the best part is that signing up for a Community Solar project has zero upfront cost.

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Changing the way you can go green

We’re making clean energy more accessible, by providing homeowners and renters alike the ability to power their homes through local community solar farms.

Projects Developed

Nationwide Solutions

We offer Community Solar solutions for all types of customers. See some of our currently operating projects throughout the US.

Belvidere, IL

Annual Production:
2,971,046 kWh

Plymouth, MA

Annual Production:
3,328,500 kWh

Zumbrota, MN

Annual Production:
6,213,000 kWh

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If you are interested in enrolling in Community Solar or have a location for a Community Solar Farm opportunity, please drop us a note and our customer team will follow-up.

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